Edit software XP

experience with Photoshop, Maya and Video Edit:

Video Edit

I edit Videos as a hobby, during the long period of video edit, I used dozens of editing programs over the years… here is a small demonstration of two edited short films:

World Of Warcraft tribute movie: Demigods

All sounds and music were imported from external source and implanted in the video:

Fun project: Mass Effect 3 final battle Parody

all the sounds were voice edit recorded and edited and implanted in the video:


I use Photoshop as a platform for all my created games, uses such as: sprites, covers, commercial demo, cards and more…

An example for demo commercial for sport dry outfit (mail and female):


among my desire to expand my experience with game development experience, i have been experiencing with different software’s , such as:  Maya .

Example for design of future city in Maya and exported to Unity: